5 Ways to invest in yourself

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In this post I will be sharing 5 ways to invest in yourself and make the best of the quarantine. The lockdown is changing the way we study, work, and do business. Are you wondering how to be productive and make the best of these hard times? If your answer is yes, feel assured, I got your back.

1. Invest in your health

5 ways to invest in yourself

With the quarantine having us indoors 24 hours on some days, you and I should adapt our routines in other to maintain our productivity. Here are some steps you might consider taking:

1.1. Workout at home

Considering we haven’t yet met the peak of this pandemic in most countries combined with our fears of getting sick, you and I are not probably going back to the gym anytime soon.

Like many, I miss my leg training days at the gym. However, at-home workouts are excellent alternatives. Find at least 10 minutes of your time to exercise.

There are many free workout apps and countless Youtube videos that can help you maintain your fitness. I personally use Adidas workout App and Spartan free weights workout app. Find one suitable for you and get your sweat on.

1.2. Control your diet

One of the biggest struggles for most during the lockdown is boredom. For years we have been accostumed to going out, spending time with friends, chatting with our school mates or colleagues at the workplace.

All these parts of our lives are now gone, hopefully not for too long.  Now, this is where boredom-eating comes in. We start overeating to pass time and to fill the void.

To tackle boredom- eating, you should avoid putting yourself in tempting situations. I personally have a tendency of overeating bread. Literally, I binge. So, in other for me to prevent it from happening, I plan ahead how many slices I’ll allow myself to eat during the day. Then, I stick to my plan.

Tip: Consider planning your meals in advance

1.3 Don’t overstress

There are thousands of reasons to be stressed at the moment. It’s almost impossible to scroll through a news feed without seeing an article counting the numbers of people infected, or that have passed.

That combined with the financial stress caused by the lockdown, social distancing, and the fear of losing one’s job, that is, if you still have one are enough to get anyone stressed.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that the doom and gloom atmosphere on this pandemic is nothing but business for the media. It is the new hot stuff to sell. Most media anchors use it to attract more attention.

Tip: As a rule of thumb “Get the information to stay updated , but do not overconsume it”

1.4 Sleep well

An adequate amount of sleep is very beneficial for our overall health. According to specialists, it helps with the immune system, controls appetite, and boosts memory among others.

Tip: Try to get at least 6 hours each night

2. Invest in the knowledge

5 ways to invest in yourself blog banner

Your brain is a muscle that needs to be trained. Here are some steps you should consider taking:

2. 1. Read self-help books

You should find a way to invest in books or platforms on which you can start reading or listening to books that will help you grow. Do you want to, for example, learn how to invest in the stock market stock market? If your answer is yes, you should find platforms focused on investing in the stock market or read books on this subject.

Tip: If you are an auditory learner, you should consider subscribing to platforms such as Audible, or you could listen to podcasts and books reviews on Youtube

2. 2 Attend online classes

Thanks to the internet, there are many platforms offering us the possibility to learn most of the skills we want. To top it off, you can do so in the comfort of your own home for FREE or with little fee compared to conventional learning institutions, such as universities. Platforms such as Code Academy, Coursera, and Alison are places you can attend online classes for free.

Tip: choose relevant e-learning platforms that give a diploma with credentials accepted in your country

3. Invest in your skill

5 ways to invest in yourself blog banner

3. 1. Develop your skill

We are most likely going to be hit by another economic crisis after the lockdown, and downsizing in most companies will be part of the package. There is nothing you nor I can do to prevent it. However, we still have a choice to prepare ourselves for it.

The best tool needed is a skill that will enable you to make money in the best or worst scenario.

3. 2. Learn a new skill

If like me you are a millennial, you probably know how hard it is for our generation to have a proper career. Only few fields have been able to keep up. In other for us to keep afloat, we must adapt to the changes.

Maybe you were too busy to make time for this before the quarantine. That is not a valid excuse anymore because most of us now have more free time than ever. Check out e-learning platforms such as Coursera or Alison, and try something new.

4. Explore your gifts

5 ways to invest in yourself blog banner


Are you exploring your gifts? Listen, this is what God, the Universe or whatever you believe in gave you. We all have gifts we ignore. If you can discover yours and develop it, trust me, in a few years you will be proud of yourself. Your gifts can take you places you could have never imagined. Manifest your gifts.

Tip: Think about things you are naturally good at. Choose the one you think will make you happy and help you you create wealth. Then, explore it.

5. Follow your gut

5 ways to invest in yourself Follow your gut

All the gifts, education and skills will not take you far without the gut to go get what you want in life. Listen, No one knows better than you what you want in life.

This is not your mom’s, dad’s, friends, or sweetheart’s job. It’s yours to figure out.

Let me tell you a story: A few years back as a fresh graduate from High School who was exploring his options on what to study at The University, my father and I had a conversation. I was almost obliged by him to become a nurse.

Deep inside his intentions were good. He wanted me to have a safe job with a steady income.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a nurse. However, it wasn’t what I wanted in life. I love numbers, talking about money and the stock market stock market  , etc. So, economic studies were where I belonged.

How many times have you surrendered when a friend or sibling questioned your choices? Remember, you don’t need a rational answer to all the moves you’ll take in life. Listen to your inner voice and do what is good for you.


5 ways to invest in yourself blog banner



5 ways to invest in yourself takeaways:

1. Invest in your health

Workout at home at least 10 minutes per day.

In order to control your diet, plan what you’ll eat for the day in advance.

Do not overstress: “Get the information, but do not overconsume it.”

Take time to rest: Sleep at least 6 hours each night.

2. Invest in your knowledge

Tip: If you are an auditory learner, you should consider subscribing to a platform such as Audible or check out podcasts and educational videos on Youtube.

Tip: Choose relevant e-learning platforms that’ll give you a diploma with credentials valid in your country.

3. Invest in your skill

4. Explore your gifts

5. Follow your gut

1.  Listen to your inner voice and do what is good for you.

I hope you guys took one or two tips from the 5 ways to invest in yourself post. Until then, stay safe and keep getting better.


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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. ericthomas987

    I would like to invest time for my healthy but I’m too lazy for that. I would also like to have a body of my dream without killing myself at the gym.

  2. Rene Penn

    I started college as an engineering student, but it wasn’t really a choice that I made for myself. It seemed like the right thing to do because of others’ influence. Once I switched to psychology, something I found interesting, I was much happier with my studies.

    1. Okila James

      There is a huge gap between what others expect from us and what we want to do in life. The difficult part his to explain all your decisions and moves. I am glad to hear @Rene that you dared to switch to something you found interesting and made you happier.

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