As I promised in 2019’s blog review, this post is dedicated to the Willing2bewealthy Interview. In this post, you will find out my reason behind this new addition to the blog, my turning point, what to expect and my purpose with it all.

Why am I launching Willing2bewealthy Interview?

My initial idea for this blog was to share financial knowledge from what I have learned and still learning from reading books and my personal experiences. Surprisingly, blog post after blog post things started feeling a bit off. I felt like something was missing.

I enjoy learning from multiple sources, I mean who doesn’t. It brings variety and exposes you to the different perspectives of a subject. It tends to make a person more open-minded and well-rounded.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if I don’t like writing about myself and my perspective on things. I just felt like I could offer more by bringing others aboard.

The Turning point

The train of thoughts that landed me here started about 5 months ago. Around the time I was getting really familiar with the world of podcasting. The thought of starting one began to linger in my mind. However, I didn’t feel ready for it.

I didn’t feel it was a project I could give my one hundred percent to at the moment. Maybe in the future. Nevertheless, I didn’t let go of the idea.

While looking for other alternatives, I discovered something inspiring. Honestly, I was amazed. While reading a fellow blogger’s post, I discovered she was able to incorporate interviews into her blog through text.

No audios, no videos, only writing. Amazed by the concept, I took a few days to analyze if this could be of value to my audience. I seek the opinions of my friends and mentors to make sure I wasn’t blinded by excitement.

The response I got from the people I trust further reaffirmed my decision to bring on board willing2bewealthy Interview. My gratitude to Amafoa blog for the inspiration.

What to expect?


We’ll keep it fun and real. Wiling2bewealthy Interview guests will be people you can relate to. People from different walks of life. From entrepreneurs to bloggers, Financial analysts, designers, producers, musicians, corporate workers, students and so on.

You may have acquaintances who are willing to share their thoughts with us. If that is the case, feel free to let me know. I’ll love to give them a platform to share their piece of wisdom with you and me.

The idea is to keep the interviews real by asking relevant questions. There will be no preaching or ego-tripping. I want my audience to feel inspired and enlightened, not guilty and blamed.



My goals with Willing2bewealthy Interview

From the beginning of this blog, my goal has been to serve my audience with the content I offer. But with Willing2bewealthy Interview, it’ll be to serve both my audience and my guests.

Firstly, you

As stated before, my goal is to produce relevant content and to expose you to the different dimensions of personal finance. I also want to engage more with my audience and I hope this new addition to the blog will help in that aspect.

Secondly, my guests

I want my guests to acknowledge their awesomeness and to express themselves. I also personally believe that when you help others succeed or let them shine, you shine as well by default.


As stated above, we’ll keep it real, fun and most importantly inspiring. I am looking forward to sharing the first interview with you all.

Until then, keep improving and grow wealthy.


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