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I am excited to write this post. Last Monday I was thinking about writing a post that majority of my audience can relate to and then I suddenly realized almost 69% of my audience are students as myself, why not to write a subject that they can relate to. You and I as student have options to start creating wealth.

Studies are hard. It’s a mix of freedom, fun and stress. Most of us find life-long friends at university. The socially acceptable path is getting into university, obtaining your degree and then finding a full-time job while you are broke. Then you can start thinking about savings, purchasing a house etc. Is there anything wrong with this idea? Not at all. However, there are alternative approaches that we often fail to consider. You and I should avoid conforming to the conventional ideas; we can learn from other students whom started to think about their business, savings, investments whilst at university.

 Hence, 4 ways to start creating wealth whilst still in college: 


This is the starting point we should consider. If where you live you can have an opportunity to work and your program allows you to do it, do yourself a favor, find a job. Working, even part time, will help you not only to add a new source of income but also experience of dealing with people, stress and how to spend money. Personally, I struggled to combine studies and work in my first year in college at some point I was thinking maybe it was a good move to rely on family.

depending on which program you are in university, there are some programs out there (e.g. Medicine, Psychology and so on) where it is difficult to combine the degree with part-time work. If you have spare-time you might consider working once a while to multiply your sources of income. Being able to generate multiple streams of income gives you peace of mind and options.

Tip: If you don’t have time for a  part-time job you might consider for example making money by filling out surveys in your spare time and other flexible works on websites such as www.surveyjunkie.com. There are also opportunities in some countries, such the United Kingdom, to find zero-hour contract jobs where you only sign up for shifts based on your availability.

  1.  SAVE

one of oldest and most recognized methods for building wealth is savings. The best way to save is to set up a standing order so that on pay-day the money is automatically transferred into your savings account. Personally, when I get pay, I transfer at least 20% of my salary into my savings. You will notice the growth in long run. Remember most successful investors like Warren Buffett, mastered this habit young. To make it simple PAY YOURSELF FIRST save if possible 10% of your money.

Tip: You should take the inflation in consideration. If your bank will give you a return of 1% on your saving account in the long-term but the inflation in your country is 2% it’s better to consider keeping your money in your investment portfolio.


It’s easy to say that most students don’t borrow money to set up businesses, but I can assume that usually most of us borrow money to fund our lifestyle. How do we stop our debts from growing? You and I should consider avoiding credit cards, stop financing furniture and reducing our shopping budget. This will help You to focus solely on the debt that you already have. so that you can develop a plan to pay if off quickly.

TIP: consider spending less than you earn, by doing so, you will stop borrowing money to fund your lifestyle.

  1.  INVEST

Investing is a short-cut for those who had humble beginnings to grow wealth in the long run. what’s why each of us should pay attention to all opportunities the Stock Market brings. you might think that you are too young to invest. You are not wrong, It’s a fact that millennials don’t care about stocks. According recent survey from Bankrate  only 13% of millennials in USA said they would invest their money in the Stock Market and 30% in real estate.

Don’t take this survey as a curse but let it inspire you. People such Warren Buffett took advantage of the Stock Market early. He bought his first shares (shares of the city service for 38$ a pieces) at age 11. All of us know the rest of the story, the investing legend amassed a fortune of $75 billion and become one of the richest men in the world. The early you start investing the better.

TIP: Before investing learn how the Stock Market works. Personally, I will highly recommend those interested to read Napoleon Graham’s book “The Intelligent investor”, it will give you all the information you need to start investing in the stock-market.


You don’t need to earn a six-figure to start building wealth. As we’ve noticed above there are different ways to start. To prepare a solid financial future, plan in advance and form your spending and savings strategy for each phase of your life whether you’re a student or a graduate. Also, investing your money is a smart move. By doing this so, you will cultivate good habits such as paying yourself first and also avoid not borrowing money so that you are financially stable in the future. I Hope you have learnt something from this post. Until next time, keep improving yourself and creating wealth no matter how much you earn.


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    1. I agree with you Eric. it’s not easy to be debt free in America, but the idea is to be among those who can boast of not having debts (for liabilities or their living). The first step is to believe that you can be among them. the second is to have a plan that will take you there. you will find more details on this subject on the book of George S. Clason, The Richest Man of Babylon. I will also make sure to write about this subject.

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