Hey team willing2bewealthy!!! I am excited to write this post. it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post. My goal for this post is for us to encourage each other to master a high-income skill. So, to begin, let’s us discuss my motivation for writing this post.

Last Monday, I spent hours thinking about what my post-graduate life will look like. Currently, I am studying Business Administration, if I follow the conventional path: graduate from college, find a safe job and build a career. I wondered what value I will provide others when I graduate.

I considered the outcome if I entertained a career via the conventional route. I was also keen to explore the options available to me as a business administration graduate in the job market. I pondered on the answers to these questions before visiting http://www.payscale.com to find answers.

I discovered that the average salary for a bachelor’s degree in my field in most European countries and North America is between 41k to 54k per year, which is middle income in most of these countries. in some of these countries though, the salary can go as low as 20k per year. Therefore, pursuing this career guarantees at best in middle -income and at worse in the lower income. Do I like it? Hell no.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of this blog post, let’s dive a bit deeper by first explaining what a skill is. According to http://www.dictionary.com a skill is an “ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, to do something well”. I like this definition because it is simple, concise and effective. After researching a bit further, I learnt that most people fall into three categories of income based on their skills which I’ll briefly below.


This the type of skill that doesn’t necessarily require a qualification. For example, in Romania I work as a Customer service representative in a call center. it takesmy company only a week or so to train new employees. Fast right? This correlates with how much I get, because I am easy to replace.

Many jobs fall in this category: Customer service representative, fastfood chief, cashier in the shop etc. According http://www.payscale.com these types of skills amass between 11 to 23 Euros per hour.


In most cases this types of skill require a degree or years to master. Administrative assistant, office manager, team account and nurses fall in this category. This is where I personally fall as a future administrator. According http://www.payscale.com the average pay for an accountant is 20 euros per hour and for a business administrator (BBA) 18.5 Euros per hour.


These are skills that very few people have. These skills a large amount of value, hence why people who have mastered them can charge extraordinary rates. In this category falls: Sales\closing deal skills, money management, public speaking, digital marketing consulting, copywriting skills, Programming, negotiation and so on.

You might be wondering, does one need college to acquire these skills? the answer is NO. You and I can also acquire these skills for free thanks to the development of e-learning platforms, YouTube and books. Personally, I am enrolled in Stocks and short selling on http://www.Alison.com and in Digital Marketing courses on http://www.coursera.com. Both platforms for FREE great content. I recommend these platforms to anyone interested.


Whether you are a student or a full-time employee, thanks to technology we all have an opportunity to acquire high-income skills. The first step You and I need to take is to invest our time to get it. There are many high incomes skills out there one can get for FREE. Why not put in the work to be able to add large amounts of value to others? The more value you bring to others, the more MONEY you’ll get. Think about it. Commit yourself to gain a high-income skill.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back next Friday with more content. Until then, keep improving yourself and grow wealthy.

P.S Have you also been considering how to gain high -income skills? let us know in the comments.


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  1. @OkilaJames it’s clear that the content of your posts becomes deeper. Currently, like you I have a low income 😏but I’m going to shake the world to live life I deserve.🔥

  2. If your job is your passion or something that brings u joy and u dont want to give it up, a side hussle, if possible, is also a way to kick up ur financies

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