Do you know that You and I can accurately predict where we will be in the next five years from now? We can easily know where you and I will be, what we will be doing and what our income level will be. If you want to know how, the answer is simple: the company you keep. The people you choose to be around you have a major impact and influence on your PERSONAL SUCCESS. You can tell where most people will end up in life simply based on who they hang out with. Choosing your friends as well as becoming successful, should be a mindful decision. Not something that accidentally happens.

Last Friday on my way from Helsinki to Lahti, I was rereading Dale Carnegie’s book “How to win friends and to influence people”. I was shocked by how much of an influence friends have on our future successes or failures. Most of us remain friends with people because we have known them since childhood, we went to the same Highschool, or we are living in the same neighborhoods and so on… in most cases we don’t even dare to question our friendship.

How many times in your life have you had an incredible idea, you take it to your friends and they shot it down? How many times have you told your friends about your expectations in life and they looked at you with crooked smiles?  I know an amazing person who has the gift of singing. One day I asked her “why haven’t you competed in the Voice Romania? you are so talented!” I was shocked by her response. Embarrassed, she replied “I wanted to do it 2 years ago, but my closest friends were literally laughing at me. They said I am overestimating my skills as a singer and that life will become harder for me after being outclassed in the competition”.  She was affected, her friends had made her feel defeated even before stepping into the competition.

That’s why You and I must surround ourselves with friends with similar values, friends better than us (Mentors), friends who encourage us and motivate us. Choose friends that have a thirst for knowledge, that bring positive energy, that will help you to evolve and celebrate your successes.

I remember telling a friend, Florin, about my project to launch a blog. He was so happy for me and he wanted to help me make it happen. He was excited that this blog will bring value to a lot of people and was willing to help me with an email list and so on. This kind of people boost your confidence and will help you on your journey to success. So if you find yourself with a toxic friend, please do yourself a favor, cut him or her off.


You and I have to keep in mind that friendships are like elevators, they either take you up or take you down. Friendships are give and take,  win-win relationships. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choices. For your long-term success, you simply must choose the right people. As Steve Harvey once said “If you want to kill a Big dream, tell it to small a minded person”.


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