In my previous post I wrote about the power of thinking big. But as you know, thinking big without taking MASSIVE actions is just a dream or to be brutally honest with you, just an illusion.

So, after thinking BIG there is another step to take for your dreams to come true…. You got it right! It’s Action.

Everyone like being wealthy but only a few get there. The simple reason is most people don’t put in the necessary work. We feel good talking about it, but we are not ready to go through the motions. Do not let luck determine your future. Be the craftsman of your faith.

I remember during the first year of college we had a typing test and most of my colleagues were faster than me. In this case You and I have 2 options: the first one is to lose confidence and say things like “they started younger and there is no chance for me to get as fast as them” On the other hand, which is the option I chose,  I was motivated and I said to myself “I am impressed by my colleagues and seeing them type really fast motivates me to improve my typing skills” So I started learning different technics to improve my typing speed and accuracy. Which now in turn helps me when writing my blog posts.

 It’s the same with the creation of wealth. Let successful people inspire you through books that help you to evolve and acquire new skills. But then, you have to apply the knowledge. Don’t forget you also learn during the process. So start today, be a DOER, not an EXCUSE MAKER.

Why was Arnold Scwarzenegger, who was raised by an abusive alcoholic father in Austria able to emigrate to The United States and become a famous actor that we all know? The answer is simple: after thinking big, he took massive actions by leaving Austria and working hard to become a professional bodybuilder and so on…


After reading this post ask yourself this question, be honest with yourself, where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you want to accomplish in 10 years? Most of us will reply “I like to go with the flow”. It sounds cool, but remember if you don’t know where you are going, you have no control over where you will land. Do not let chances determine your future. be the craftsman of your faith. Take action!


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  1. Hello Everyone! I am grateful that you and me learn something from my blog post. thanks all of you for your supports. we are keeping running this marathon.

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